Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grain elevators in Montreal: a summary

Between 1900 and 1930, a total of five grain elevators were built in Montreal, Quebec, which was a location at which grain elevators had been built since 1859.

1. The Windmill Point Elevator, designed and built in 1903 by John S. Metcalf;

2. Elevator #1, designed and built in 1905 by Harry Wait and the Steel Storage Elevator Construction Company;

3. Elevator "B," designed and built in 1906 by John S. Metcalf;

4. Elevator #2, designed and built in 1912 by John S. Metcalf;

5. Elevator #5 (aka Silo #5), which is in the foreground of the picture above. Like Elevator #2, Elevator #5 was built out of reinforced concrete and utilized cylindrical grain bins. To the left of Elevator #5, we can see the tops of Elevator B's cupola-towers. We can also see that neither Elevator #5 nor Elevator "B" are equipped with marine towers, and that all of the unloading and loading of grain is done by the huge steel marine towers and horizontal gantries that stand between these elevators and the St. Lawrence River.

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