Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grain elevators in Montreal

On page 123, I say that it wasn't until 1887 that a mechanized grain elevator was constructed at Montreal, Quebec. According to Controleman, author of a History of Montreal Grain Elevators (1885-1913), the first elevator in the area was Warehouse "A," located at rue Wellington and the Lachine Canal, and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway between 1859 and 1872.

Despite the error, my point remains valid: it took quite a while for other port-cities to follow Buffalo's example by building a mechanized grain elevator, and this delay must be accounted for. If grain elevators were so useful (and they were), why weren't they built in places like Montreal, Philadelphia, and St. Louis in the 1840s? What caused the delay, which lasted almost twenty years?

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