Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grain bins made of reinforced concrete, 1899-1908

On pages 220-235 of American Colossus, I discuss the grain elevators that had bins and mainhouses made out of reinforced concrete. Underneath this picture of the first grain bin, and the first cylindrically shaped grain bin, to be made out of reinforced concrete in North America (Peavey's Folly, designed by Charles Haglin and built outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1899), I offer a list of reinforced-concrete grain elevators built between that historic year and 1908.

-- the Peavey, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1899;
-- unnamed elevator, Birkenhead, England, 1899;
-- the Peavey, Duluth, Minnesota, 1900 (rebuilt twice between 1900 and 1904);
-- the George T. Evans Milling Company, Indianopolis, Indiana, 1900-1901;
-- unnamed elevator, Dunston-on-Tyne, England, 1901;
-- unnamed elevator built by Haglin, Fort William, Ontario, 1901;
-- unnamed elevator built by Hennibrique, Genoa, Italy, 1901;
-- unnamed elevator built by Haglin, Duluth, Minnesota, 1902;
-- the Concrete Elevator, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1902;
-- the Canadian Railroad, Port Arthur, Ontario, 1903;
-- the Missouri Pacific Railroad, Kansas City, Missouri, 1904;
-- the Canadian Pacific Railway, Port Arthur, Ontario, 1904;
-- unnamed elevator, Victoria Docks, England, 1904;
-- unnamed elevator, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, 1905;
-- the Sante Fe, Chicago, Illinois, 1906;
-- the Washburn-Crosby, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1906;
-- the American, Buffalo, New York, 1906;
-- unnamed elevators built by Haglin in North Dakota and Minnesota, 1907;
-- the Ralston Purina, Buffalo, New York, 1907;
-- Riverside Malting, Black Rock, New York, 1907;
-- J. H. Tromanhauser, Goderich, Ontario, 1907;
-- the Mt Clare Elevator (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad), Baltimore, Maryland, 1908;
-- the Pennsylvania Railroad, Baltimore, Maryland, 1908.

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