Thursday, April 23, 2009

John S. Metcalf, continued

Elevator "B" (short for "Bickerdike") was designed and constructed in Montreal, Quebec, by John S. Metcalf between 1903 and 1906. Like Metcalf's Windmill Point Elevator, Elevator "B" was not so much as grain-storage warehouse (it too could only store one million bushels of grain), but a versatile transshipping elevator, capable of transferring large amounts of grain to ocean-going vessels from both railcars and lakers. Note (once again) the incredible system of horizontal conveyors that bring grain from the warehouse to ocean tankers. Note as well the five cupola-towers atop the mainhouse, which indicate the presence of (at least) five internal lofting legs.

In 1912, after Elevator B's horizontal-conveyor system had been removed, John S. Metcalf designed and built Elevator #2 right next to it. (It can be seen in the above picture to our left of Elevator "B.") Constructed out of reinforced concrete, capable of storing 2.5 million bushels of grain in its cylindrical tanks, and equipped with two marine towers (not visible in this picture), Elevator #2 was truly a modern facility.

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