Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steel-binned grain elevators 1897 to 1906

On pages 204-219 of American Colossus, I discuss some of the grain elevators that were built with steel bins between 1897 and 1906. Here, I present a near-complete chronological listing of them. Note: some of the following elevators were built with rectangularly shaped bins, not cylindrically shaped ones, so as to dispense with the problem of using the "interstitial" spaces between them.

The Great Northern, Buffalo, New York, 1897
The Electric, Buffalo, New York, 1897
The Raymond, Black Rock, New York, 1897-1898
Elevator D, Fort William, Canada, 1898
Name unknown, Louisville, Kentucky, 1898
The Great Northern, Superior, Wisconsin, 1900
The Dakota, Buffalo, New York, 1901
The Pioneer, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1901
The Great Eastern, Buffalo, New York, 1901
The Electric Steel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1901-1903
The Grand Trunk, Portland, Maine, 1902
The Iron Elevator, Buffalo, New York, 1902
Windmill Point, Montreal, Quebec, 1903
Elevators "A" and "B," Port Arthur, Ontario, 1903
The South Pacific, Galveston, Texas, 1903
The West Shore, Weehawken, New Jersey, 1904
The Stuyvesant, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1904
The Monarch, Buffalo, New York, 1905
Elevator #1, Montreal, Quebec, 1905
Elevator B, Montreal, Quebec, 1906

pre-1907 (mentioned in Milo S. Ketchum, The Design of Walls, Bins and Grain Elevators [New York: Engineering News, 1907])

Manhattan Malting, Manhattan, Montana
The Lake Shore, Buffalo, New York
C.H. & D, Elevator B, Toledo, Ohio
Winona Malting, Winona, Montana
The Independent Elevator, Omaha, Nebraska

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