Sunday, April 26, 2009

John S. Metcalf, continued

To paraphrase the Canadian researcher and author Scott Garrett, the Tiffin Grain Elevator, commonly known as Tiffin No.2, was constructed in 1907-08 by John S. Metcalf Company for what was then the Grand Trunk Railway. A smaller grain elevator, the Aberdeen Elevator, was located about a half-mile away, operated by the Aberdeen Elevator Company and served by the Grand Trunk Railway. The Tiffin was initially constructed with a capacity of two million bushels. An annex, added in 1923-24, pushed the capacity to some 4.6 million bushels. Grain arriving by ship was transshipped to railcars for transportation to Halifax. Like Metcalf's elevator at Port McNicoll (aka Victoria Harbour), the Tiffin had three automotive ("loose") marine towers, each about 120 feet high. Once again like the elevator in Port McNicoll, the Tiffin was closed in 1990; demolition began in 1997. Housing and park areas now dot the area where Tiffin and Aberdeen elevators stood.

Above: the Tiffin Elevator, photographed on 24 August 1982 by Viktor Kaczkowski.

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