Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek, part 2

The horror of discovering the grain storage compartments to be full of dead animals is successfully dispelled or off-set by the comic spectacle of Captain Kirk standing underneath one of the storage compartments and slowly being buried up to his armpits in tribbles as they fall down upon him. He has two immediate orders: find the man who brought the creatures aboard, and Close that door! It is possible the grain was stored at K7 in this elevated fashion because the only suitable storage compartments at the space station were the equivalent of current-day "over-head compartments" on air planes. It is also possible that, in the future, all civilized people store their grain in "raised floor buildings." In any event, if it were not for the elevation of the granary, and Kirk's position beneath it -- if the granaries were below floor-level and Kirk was looking down at them -- the scene would be ghastly, not funny.

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