Monday, March 30, 2009

The Story So Far. . . .

So far, I have used this blog to entice my readers to buy copies of American Colossus by:

1) reproducing all of the illustrations that are contained in the book; and
2) uploading the book's "Introduction."

(Note that when you follow the links to the page upon which the book is promoted, you will also see that the book's two epigraphs and its preface [by Marshall Brown, no relation to the author] have also been made available.)

Moving ever onward, I will now proceed to:

1) identify and correct the typographical errors in the book;
2) correct the errors of fact; and
3) provide "new" images and texts that illustrate or otherwise enrich individual ideas in the book.

Because the third job is the most difficult, and may very well take a long time, I will attempt to get through the first two jobs on this list as quickly as possible.

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