Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feedback on presentation at GEAPS 2010

Audience response:
We had 65 attendees, 94% completed the evaluation.

How would you rate the quality of this session overall?
Excellent 34%
Good 57%
Fair 8%
Poor 0%

How interesting was the session?
Very 70%
Somewhat 30%
Not at all 0%

How useful will it be at work?
Very 16&
Somewhat 37%
Not at all 46%

Was the session?
Too tech 1%
Not enough 10%
Just Right 89%

To what degree did it improve your understanding?
Very 36%
Somewhat 52%
Not at all 12%

How would you rate your speaker?
Excellent 41%
Good 52%
Fair 7%
Poor 0%

Should GEAPS offer this as a webinar?
Yes 32%
No 62%

Good history of the industry.
Very interesting session, no operations benefit, but fun to learn about the history of the industry.
Very interesting historical background.

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