Thursday, April 9, 2009

Book review by Richard Palmer, Canal Times

Written in the form of emails sent to my publisher, Colossal Books, between 22 March and 9 April 2009, this review of American Colossus is the book's first!

If you wish to send us a review copy we will write it up. I went on a tour of the abandoned grain elevators in Buffalo last fall - one or two are back in use but the others are just rotting hulks. In some places around the country and in Canada they have been reused as condos, but there's no market for them in Buffalo. I received the book okay but I didn't expect such a "collossal" book. It would take me a year to wade through it. Do you have more of a lengthy news release and a photo I could use? I toured Buffalo waterfront last fall and you have to see it to believe it - rows of abandoned and derelict/useless grain elevators no one knows what do to with except implode them. If you'd like something about the book on the Canal Times website you will have to send me a writeup. I certainly do not have the time or interest to review a 450-page book about grain elevators. Not exactly bedside reading even on a cold winter night.

Richard Palmer, Editor, Canal Times.

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